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Become a Representative

New MyAvonShop

There is new great opportunity for every representative to spread words quicker and to earn easier more. Avon is evolving and want to be the best direct sales company in UK.  To be that way Avon gave to every representative new tool, it`s own web-shop. As representative you own the shop and as an owner you can name is, you can customise many details. You can show what YOU think is worth to show. You can tell your customer how far will you do free delivery and loud more that you can find if you try to become a Avon Representative.

As the best company Avon brought not only new solution for Representatives, but make many changes which  helping customers to find a representative and makes it easier to make a choice among the very diverse range of products in brochures Avon.

Join and try it for yourself as representative, or become our happy customer….