How to work for Avon online UK – FAQs

You don’t know how to work for Avon online UK? Below you may find some basic FAQs that may help you see how to start your own business in Avon in UK.

Q: How does it all work?

A: To start your own business, you will simply show the Avon brochure to your friends and family and show them the new products with samples and/or demos (if you choose to purchase). With 18 Avon brochures released within a year you’re bound to get some positive response and interest.

Your “customers” (friends and family), give you their orders. Then, you enter the orders in on-line by your due date. The order will arrive at your house in 5-7 business days. For example, my order is due every other Wednesday by 12 noon and then it arrives at my house usually Monday morning. Avon has their own delivery company that they use when you place your order on time.

Lastly, you deliver the product to your customer and collect the remainder of their payment! Show them the next brochure and ask for referrals to new customers.

Easy as that! When you work for Avon online UK you get an excellent opportunity to start your own business. When you’ve collected all of your customers payments, you keep your earnings and pay Avon before you place your next order.

Q: How much can I make selling Avon?

A: How much do you want to earn?

There are two ways to make money with Avon.

That’s up to you. Avon produce 18 brochures a year so there’s plenty of opportunity to earn. There’s a different Avon brochure every 3 weeks, so you’ve always got fresh new products to talk about. Each Avon catalogue features lots of professional beauty products that your friends will love.

As a representative, if you place an order above £85, you’ll earn 20%, £1 for every £5 your customers spend.

If you place an order over £155, you’ll earn 25%, which is £1 for every £4 your customers spend.

As an Avon Sales Leader there are even more earning opportunities. You earn from your teams sales.

Your earnings are unlimited, with progressive commission depending on the size of your team.

Leadership – You can also earn additional income by recruiting, training, and mentoring new Representatives.

For example, when you find five people that also want to sell Avon and you train and mentor them, you will earn up to £4000 bonuses on the Believe In Your Success bonus structure AND up to 9% of your downline’s sales.

Q: Is it hard to sell Avon?

A: Avon is one of the best known brands in the world, which makes it easy to sell.

When you follow Avon’s proven formula for success, you will achieve and even exceed your dreams… I’ve done it! Let me show you!

Q: What is the total investment required to start up my business?

A: To get started…nothing! There is a £16 registration fee but this is split over your first 2 orders and deducted from your earnings so that you can make as much money as possible at the starting stages.

When you become a Representative, your leader give you a business pack to get started.

When you become a Representative, Avon give you a business pack to get started. This includes all your basics – brochures, a selling guide, calling book (to record your customers’ details) and stationery.

You don’t need to buy any stock. You can start selling directly from the brochures and you don’t have to pay until you’ve delivered the products to your customers. You have the option to buy demonstration products to build your business if you like but this is optional.

The main investment is your time. How much is up to you, but the more you sell, the more you will earn brochures, a selling guide, calling book (to record your customers’ details) and stationery.

Q: Will I receive materials to start my business?

A: You will receive 40 Avon brochures (20 each for your first two selling campaigns) along with sales training and reference material.

Also, as a Representative you have the opportunity to purchase selected products and samples at SPECIAL promotional prices!

Q: What information will be required from me in order to establish my account?

A: As an Avon Representative, you will be given an automatic line of credit; as such we will require the standard personal information that is requested whenever credit is extended.

You will also need to provide info such as address, drivers license or ID number, proof address phone number and e-mail address.

Q: How often do I have to place an order?

A: Avon has 18 sales campaigns throughout the year. Each campaign reflects a three-week selling period. Contacting your Customers every campaign gives them the opportunity to purchase their Avon favorites, see new products, and take advantage of special offers. You’ll find that contacting new and potential Customers on a consistent basis will result in your placing an order each campaign.

If you have any more questions please contact me.

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