Join Avon independent sales representatives UK


There are few steps to follow before you become an Avon Representative

1. Please read more information about Avon Representative opportunity on our website.

2. Fill up the application form (you have to be over 18).

3. You receive conformation e-mail. Avon sales leader will contact you asap.

4. The Sales Leader will arrange to meet you to supply you with a free starter pack and brochures. They will have your Avon account number and will explain the rules of working as a Representative.

5. From now on you are an AVON INDEPENDENT REPRESENTATIVE !!!!

Congratulation! You can start your beautiful journey with Avon.

 Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.

William Arthur Ward


The Avon Cosmetics Ltd company offer you an easy  way to buy and sell Avon beauty and fashion products on attractive and clearly-stated principles. If you want to sell Avon cosmetics  in UK from home – Join Avon independent sales representatives UK. By doing so your Avon rep earnings in UK may get better than you think, especially considering the latest 2016 Avon online brochure we regularly release.

If you get started as an Avon representative you may save even up to 90% thanks to special discounts (even in cases when the products are sold to your friends).  By distributing catalogues and brochures with Avon beauty & fashion products as well as demonstrating samples  you can effectively build up your own business. You work part time in Avon and while you progress you can become a self-employed Avon independent sales Representative. To put simply, when you start working for Avon your business opportunities increase considerably. So, if you want to become an Avon rep don’t hesitate and sign up for Avon today! With over 18 Avon online brochures released regularly within a year you may increase your chances of success.

As a professional Avon independent sales representative you get an excellent occasion to effectively sell Avon cosmetics from home and benefit from being a part of the successful team of Avon sales reps in the UK. Thanks to our 2016 online Avon catalogues this becomes even more effective.

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